About Me

I am a Research Associate in the Physics and Astronomy group at the University of Leicester under the supervision of Prof. Richard Alexander. I was previously a PhD student in the Astronomy and Astrophysics group at the University of Warwick under the supervision of Dr. Farzana Meru. My research explores the evolution of a particular class of protoplanetary discs; self-gravitating discs which are young, massive and gravitationally unstable. I perform 3D SPH simulations to investigate how the evolution of such discs are altered by physical processes such as planet-disc interactions and warps. I am also interested in the dust dynamics of self-gravitating discs and linking theory with observations by studying the impact of physical processes on the disc structure.


In my spare time, often after a conference in an exotic location, I enjoy travelling and photography of wildlife and landscapes. A small collection of my photos is shown below.

Leopard on the Hunt, The Big Cat Sanctuary

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Sumatran Tiger, Taronga Zoo Sydney

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Milky Way

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Tired Red Panda, Dublin Zoo

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Puffin with Plenty of Fish, Skomer Island

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Koala Sleeping in the Rain, Healesville Sanctuary

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Glencoe Lochan

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